Garden Testimonials

“I used SumaGroulx [SumaGrow] in my garden, with my tomatoes, sweet corn and peppers. With SumaGroulx [SumaGrow], my tomatoes went 50% better yield increase from the previous year!”

Tom Earls
Sandusky, Michigan


“This past year, I used SumaGroulx [SumaGrow] on my garden. I had the largest and healthiest carrots and onions than I had ever had before. The garden itself was stronger and healthier, because of SumaGroulx [SumaGrow].”

Paul Thomson

Vestaburg, Michigan


“I put a little SumaGroulx [SumaGrow] on my cabbage plants, highly diluted, and within two days they just shot right up!  I could not believe the growth rate!  I am very impressed to say the least!”

Dale Larson
Owner Ohio Garden Systems

“My tomatoes – they are so big, it’s unreal!  I couldn’t control them, they grew above the wire cages and my additional added on stakes.  I have pictures to prove it.”


A. Nellett
Fairgrove, Michigan


Author: SumaGrow.Info


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