Michigan Potato Farmer Grows 8 Inch Potatoes

Richard Nellett, a Michigan farmer, brought these pictures a SumaGrow distributor and said he was amazed.  The Nellet family leaves their potatoes in the ground and digs them when they need them which looks like it was the end of November according to the date on the picture.  Nellet had no idea they were this big until he dug them up for dinner! His wife said that was the first time she only needed two potatoes for dinner.
These are not sweet potatoes, they are regular potatoes which measure almost 8 inches long.   The ones on the left, of course, were grown without SumaGrow.  Nellet said these were not special seed potatoes, just what they had left over and he wasn’t all that careful about he applied the SumaGrow, just poured it around the plant.
Richard Nellet Potato Comparison

Author: SumaGrow.Info


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