This blog site publishes results from satisfied users of SumaGrow products from around the world.  The results are from a variety of sources — university studies, independent testing facilities, government agencies, reports from farmers, and even simple pictures and testimonials of actual users.

The quality of the individual reports varies widely, however, the collective body of evidence, on a wide assortment of crops, in numerous types of conditions and in locations from around the world should be convincing that SumaGrow works!  Please note SumaGrow is sold under different names in some locations; all reports on this blog, regardless of the name, used SumaGrow products.

SumaGrow is a biological fertilizer, creating fertilizer the way Mother Nature intended, as opposed to a chemical fertilizer, which is what is overwhelming used around the world.  Biological fertilizers are also sometimes referred to as microbes, microbials, or biostimulants.  An excellent, third party report by the American Academy of Microbiology, presents a superb overview comparing what most farmers are doing today compared to how microbes work and what they can do for farming.  Please pay particular attention to the Grand Goal of 20:20 in 20 — a 20% yield increase, with a 20% reduction in fertilizer, in twenty years since SumaGrow has been achieving 20:50 (20% yield increases with 50% reductions in fertilizer) for a decade!

American Academy of Microbiology:  How Microbes Can Help Feed the World

The links below are for a “white paper” detailing SumaGrow benefits, validated by independent third parties.

White Paper — The SumaGrow Solution for Sustainable Agriculture — English

White Paper — The SumaGrow Solution for Sustainable Agriculture – Portuguese

White Paper — The SumaGrow Solution for Sustainable Agriculture — Spanish

The video (8:19 minutes) below gives a quick tour of our facility, some of our staff, and how our products are made:

The next video (7:33 minutes) is a promotional video which explores the “big picture” need for our products:

Here are some end users testimonials (5:49 minutes) presented at the International Conference for Sustainable Agriculture: