Bananas in Ecuador — Hacienda San Fermin

A solid trial resulting in a 14.3% yield increase while reducing the grower standard amount of fertilizer by 50%.  The trial report also notes a huge increase in the soil organic matter which is the true test of soil health.

Ecuador Bananas Chart of Increase in Soil Organic Matter


Ecuador Bananas Hacienda San Fermin

The links below are to the original report in Spanish and to a Google Translate English version:

Ecuador – Bananas — Hacienda San Fermin — Spanish

Ecduador — Bananas — Hacienda San Fermin — Google Translated into English

Bananas in Ecuador — Valdivieso Farm

Bananas in Ecuador ITF Rodrigo Valdivieso

A controlled study by an independent third party documenting a yield increase of 13+% while reducing chemical fertilizers by 50%.

Original version of the report in Spanish:  Bananas in Ecuador ITF Rodrigo Valdivieso  and a Google Translate version in English Bananas in Ecuado ITF Rodrigo Valdivieso — Google Translate into English

Ecuador Bananas ITF