Mississippi Farmer Shares Outstanding Results Using Sumagrow

Sumagrow cuts gestation of foraging grass nearly in half.

“The treated with the sumagrow was up, visible in 4 days. The untreated was the regular 7-10 days.”

“From the day we planted it, to the day we started turning cattle onto it and grazing it was 4 weeks. Four weeks we were grazing it. It’s the middle to the end of May right now and my treated [with Sumagrow] prime rye grass is still grazing. Usually our rye grass has already died out by now…”

“We’ve noticed not only our grass has done better this year, we’ve been able to graze more cattle per acre but the condition over cattle has been a lot better this year. We’ve weaned off heavier calves…momma cows produce better milk which is going to help raise these calves.”

“The roots on the rye grass had a lot better system, a lot deeper…all of my property is rolling hills and it holds up better to the washing and any issues as far as erosion.”

“We have had extremely good results with Sumagrow.”

Matthew Anglin

Anglin Farms, MS

Pasture Grass Dry Matter 49% Yield Increase — SumaGrow vs. Liquid Broiler Litter and Urea Trial

The results of five months of testing at the LHOP Ranch in Independence, Kansas by the Tallgrass Beef Company showed SumaGrow achieving a greater Dry Matter (DM) yield increase in forage grass compared to two grower standard plots; one treated with an organic, liquid broiler litter (LBL) and the other with urea. The economic benefit of this DM yield increase was at least $390 per acre!

The DM yield increase using SumaGrow averaged 24% better than the average of the organic LBL and urea control paddocks. By the end of the 5th month, SumaGrow showed an average 49% yield increase compared to the LBL and urea treated paddocks.


In the Group 1 Treatment pastures, the DM yield from the SumaGrow treated pasture was 16% higher than the organic LBL treated pasture after one month, and 92% after two months, 71% after three months, 58% after four months, and 85% higher after five months. The DM yield from the SumaGrow treated pastures was 92% higher than the urea treated pastures after one months and 83%, 99%, 52% and 60% higher after months two, three, four and five.

Thus, the economic benefit per acre using SumaGrow ranged from $390 to $4104.

Pasture Grass Dry Matter 49% Yield Increase -- SumaGrow vs. Liquid Broiler Litter and Urea Trial pics 2