China Wheat Trial During Drought

SumaGrow does very well during heat waves and drought conditions.  In this trial, the drought did not affect the yield on the SumaGrow plots, however, the control plot yield was very low.  It was a fair trial, however, the yield increase was so great that we are going to mention.  You will have to read the report your self to see the yield increase.

wheat grown in China during a drought SumaGrow treated versus grower standard -- yield differntial was 125%

Notice how you can see the soil in the control plots while the SumaGrow plots are so dense, you cannot see the soil.

The report can be found here:  China Wheat Results

Tea Field Results from China

The report (link below) was written by a government agency with assistance from Nanjing Forestry University.  The report did not specify an exact increase in yield, however, it stated, “all parameters related to plant growth vigor increased by more than 25% as compared with those of untreated tea trees” and SumaGrow “produces positive effect on the soil.”

The height, width, number of buds and size of buds all increased by at least 25%, leading us to conclude that the average yield increase was over 80% (see link to report below).

China Tea Leaves

The tea leaves (right) appeared shiny after treatment with SumaGrow.

Click here for the full report with additional pictures:

China Tea Report0001

China Cotton Study at Jiangxi Agricultural University Shows 28.3% Yield Increase

This university study doesn’t have many specifics, however, we do know the lint (what the farmer actually gets paid on) yield increase went up 28.3%.  Three gallons of SumaGrow were used per acre due to poor soil health.

The one page summary has some additional details: China_Cotton_Jiangxi_summary