Myanmar Trial Result in 51.8% Yield Increase in Rice Crop

myanmarA trial was done on the effectiveness of SumaGrow on rice crops in Hlegu Township, Mynamar. Trial 1 was a control and Trial 2 was treated with a mixture of 1 gallon of SumaGrow (GrowPros) and 10 gallons of water. There was only one application of SumaGrow during the testing period.

myanmar 2

Data was collected twice; the first time was exactly one month after planting. “The test data from SumaGrow treated T2 field showed impressive results, higher plant heights and more multiple stems at just month trial period.” The data shows Trial 2 producing a greater plant height of 55.2cm compared the Trial 1 (control) which had a plant height of 43.3cm. The number of multiple stems also varied between trials, with Trial 1 having 11.6, while Trial 2 had 14.4.

myanmar 3

Data was collected again at harvest time. The table below shows that SumaGrow increased plant height, stem length, weight of seeds, yield per plot and yield per acre.

myanmar 4“It was apparent that applying Suma Grow with beneficial microbes to the field before planting was effective and helped grow stronger crops. “

“Comparing the results from the two trial fields T1 and T2 shows that the yield from SumaGrow treated field T2 is significantly better than non-SumaGrow treated Control field T1 in every important category of multiple stems, successful seeds, failed seeds, weight of 1000 seeds, and yields per acre. The test concludes that SumaGrow’ s produce is effectively beneficial to the health and crop productions.” The use of SumaGrow on the rice crops resulted in a 51.8% yield increase.

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Grow Pros Rice Trial Result Report Myanmar