China Wheat Trial During Drought

SumaGrow does very well during heat waves and drought conditions.  In this trial, the drought did not affect the yield on the SumaGrow plots, however, the control plot yield was very low.  It was a fair trial, however, the yield increase was so great that we are going to mention.  You will have to read the report your self to see the yield increase.

wheat grown in China during a drought SumaGrow treated versus grower standard -- yield differntial was 125%

Notice how you can see the soil in the control plots while the SumaGrow plots are so dense, you cannot see the soil.

The report can be found here:  China Wheat Results

Texas Winter Wheat Trial Increased Net Profit 44.9%

This comparison test was conducted on 500 acres of Fannin Ranch, north of Dallas, Texas.  The field was divided in two, 250 acre sections, and planted with Red Winter
Wheat.  On one section, AgriBiotic Microbics with SumaGrow was applied shortly after planting in a single application.  The other section was treated with two applications of Ammonium Nitrate fertilizer.  The photos below were taken just before harvest in May.

Texas Winter Wheat treated with fertilizer

Texas Winter Wheat Treated with Brix Agribiotics

There is an obvious visual difference in the height and density of the two wheat fields. The grower reports that wheat heads on the SumaGrow wheat were significantly larger and yielded 36-40 seeds per head, compared to 30-34 seeds per head in the fertilized wheat.  Texas Wheat Trial Agribiotics Wheat Tillers

The results were overwhelmingly in favor of the AgriBiotic Microbic Products w/ SumaGrow.  Not only were input costs lower in treating the soil, but that section outperformed the other section by netting an average of 14 additional bushels per acre for a net profit increase of 44.9% per acre.

Click here for a two page summary with pictures:  Texas Wheat Trial — Brix Agribiotics