SumaGrow: A “NEW” Dimension for Sustainable Agriculture

Watch the above introduction to SumaGrow—What is its impact? How does it work? Why do I need it? Once you hear the benefits and “real-life” testimonials from the farmers themselves, you will certainly want to implement SumaGrow in your farm.

The SumaGrow Solution: Why Chemical Fertilizers Are Ruining Your Land

Let’s face it, chemical fertilizer is becoming more and more costly. It contributes to lowering the organic matter in the soil, adding to the acidity, and increasing phosphorus levels. Your land is precious. Watch Dr. Allen Williams talk with farmer, Mr. Dusty Taylor about how SumaGrow can protect your land, cut down on fertilizer costs and increase soil fertility:


Source: SumaGrow vs. Chemical Fertilizer 

Video to Promote the State of Mississippi

Bio Soil Enhancers, Inc., the manufacturer of SumaGrow products, has won several awards from the State of Mississippi for exporting, including the Governor’s Award for Excellence in Exporting, which is designed to recognize Mississippi companies for their success in maintaining or increasing export sales.

Due to Bio Soil’s exporting success, the company was asked to make a promotional video promoting the State of Mississippi:

Organic Cucumbers in Italy Fertigation Grown Produce Much Healthier Plants

Solum Naturale, SumaGrow inside, test in Organic Agriculture. Cucumber test plot on tunnel with Fertigate system. Soil and foliar applications with excellent results in increased Brix level, more resistance to extreme temperature, larger and tastier fruits.

“Following the second application, done by foliar on the cucumbers, I noticed that the leaves were faded green, partially wilted on the control plot, and the fruits were still too small to be picked.  The plants treated with Solum Naturale (SumaGrow), looked very healthy with green leaves and each plant had three or more good sized cucumbers ready to be picked, this led to me to decide to apply the product in all my fields.”

Dr. Barbara Calgari, Agronomist, Azienda Agricola Calegari – Bagnarola di Budrio (BO) – Italy

South Africa Onion Trial Achieves a Return on Investment of 3959%

Return on investment: for every R1.00 invested in ExploGrow™ (SumaGrow), the farmer received a return of R39,59 (3,959%)

  • Hectares planted: 6
  • ExploGrow™ (SumaGrow) applied: 48 liters
  • Normal yield: 55 tons per hectare (5 year average)
  • ExploGrow™ (SumaGrow) yield: 104.2 tons per hectare
  • Additional tons per hectare: 49.8
  • Additional income per ton: R3,000.00
  • Additional tons harvested: 298.8 tons
  • Additional income over 6 hectares: R896,400.00
  • Return on investment: 3,959%

The estimated investment gain (return) is based on the farmer harvesting an extra 298.8 tons of onions by the use of ExploGrow™ (SumaGrow).  This translates in to an estimated financial gain of R 896,400.00 (US$ 68,953.84) = the sales value of the extra 298.8 tons of onions.

Interview with the farmer explaining his record onion harvest:

(The text below has been transcribed from the above video interview (in Afrikaans) with the farmer.)

“We used ExploGrow™ on our December* planting of onions.

*[extreme hot weather]

We applied 8 liters [2,11 US gal] per hectare [2,47 acres] of ExploGrow™ (SumaGrow).

We normally harvest an average of 55 tons per hectare on our December planting. Having just finished harvesting, the land [on the first preliminary calculation] yielded 95.6 tons** per hectare.

** [The final tonnage, however, added up to 104.2 tons per hectare. This was an +89.45% increase = +49.2 tons per hectare. This final tonnage was actually 8.6 tons more per hectare than the preliminary calculation mentioned in the video interview.]

The only change made to our normal onion program was that we added ExploGrow™ (SumaGrow), together with the recommended food products*** for ExploGrow™ (SumaGrow) microbes.

We applied the 8 liters / ha of ExploGrow™ (SumaGrow) twice at 4 liters per application [4 liters x 2], followed by 10 liters / ha of the recommended food products*** for the ExploGrow™ (SumaGrow) microbes.

We are very excited about the road ahead.
We immediately applied ExploGrow™ (SumaGrow) to all our potato crops! [Estimated around 100 hectares]
Now we are also very excited to see what ExploGrow™ (SumaGrow) will achieve with our potatoes.

Thank you very much, Rian.” 🙂

***[The ExploGrow™ (SumaGrow) food products” (co-applied to the soil) consist of low cost organic matter, carbon etc., generally recommended to assist some functions of the microbial species contained in the ExploGrow™ (SumaGrow) poly-microbial blend. These food products are recommended (although, not essential) when a soil analysis shows levels of high nitrate; low carbon and low organic matter.]





South Africa Potato Trial Increases Yield 79% and Brix Levels by 57%

In South Africa, and some nearby African countries, SumaGrow is marketed under the ExploGrow name.  Here is a video of a potato trial, which increased the yield by 79% and the brix (natural sugars and nutrients) levels by 57%!

Michigan Corn Farmer Increases Yield While Reducing Fertilizer

Bob Groulx, a Michigan continuous corn “(Maize)” farmer, discusses how he increased his yield and reduced his fertilizer in this shortened video presentation (4:08 minutes) at the International Conference for Sustainable Agriculture or watch the second video for a longer presentation (12:00 minutes).

He also mentions earlier maturation of his corn “(Maize)” crop and SumaGrow being a safer product for his workers.

In the longer video, Groulx also has some excellent pictures of his fields with no standing water versus his neighbor’s fields with standing water visually demonstrating how SumaGrow has reduced the soil compaction.

The last three minutes or so of the longer video discusses some of the financial benefits achieved by using SumaGrow.

Longer presentation below: