Cucumber Farmers Achieve Increased Yield and Plant Height in Bulgaria

Pictured: Conventionally Fertilized Crop


Pictured: StandUp
“The StandUp “(Sumagrow)” plants are noticeably taller and have much more foliage, with large leaves and more dense colour.
The number of cucumbers and flowers are significantly more than on the StandUp “(Sumagrow)” treated plants, and the cucumbers are a deeper green in colour.
The farmer is delighted with the StandUp treated crop.”
Chris Hook

Bulgarian Farmer Increased Cucumber Yield by 25.8%

A farmer in the village of Yunatsite, Bulgaria increased their cucumber crop yield by using Farmorganix, also known as SumaGrow. The trial was performed in greenhouses; total area was 1300 square meters. Farmorganix was used to treat the crop in 1000 square meters and the control was performed in the final 300 square meters.

“The plants in the treated-with-Farmorganix greenhouses were noticeably higher than the control: their height was 170-175cm, and in the untreated greenhouses their height was 150-155cm.’’

The leaf mass and fruit size from the treated greenhouses and control greenhouses are equal. The leaf color in the treated area was darker than the non-treated area. While the plants entered the fruiting stage at the same time, the treated area had a longer vegetation period of about 14 days.

“The yield of the area treated with SumaGrow was bigger in comparison with the untreated: 21 tons from the treated area of 1000 sq.m and 5 tons from the untreated area of 300 sq.m.” This resulted in a increase yield of 25.8%.

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