Georgia Cotton — Sayer Farms Increases Lint Yield by 27.7%

This trial was conducted on Sayer Farms, in Irwin County, Georgia on two dry land test plots after 2.5 weeks with no rain.  The soil type was the same for both plots which are across a dirt road from each other.

The SumaGrow treated plot showed a 27.7% increase in lint yield and a 27.6% increase in seed production.  Nitrogen fertilizer was also reduced by 58.8%.

Plot A) GENESIS with Sumagrowtest plot                          7.55 acres 

Applied ½ gal.SumaGrow per acre along with reflex after planting  

Applied ½ gal. SumaGrow per acre 5 weeks later over top spray (1.0 gallon total per acre) 

Applied 20 gal. nitrogen per acre at layby and 15 gal.nitrogen per acre after planting (total 35gal 

Applied 2 tons chicken litter and 150 lbs per acre of potash (preplant) per acre. 

 Total Lint : 9952 lbs.                                                    Total Seed:  11,443 lbs 

Divided by 7.55 acres                                                      Divided by 7.55 acres 

1318 lbs per acre                                                             1515 lbs per acre 

*    *          *    *    *          *    *             * 

Plot B) STANDARD (Untreated) test plot                               15.76 acres 

Applied 85 lbs total nitrogen per acre 

Applied 2 tons chicken litter per acre and 150 lbs potash per acre   

   Total Lint: 16279 lbs                                                   Total Seed: 18719 lbs    

Divided by 15.76 acres                                                  Divided by 15.76  acres 

1032 lbs per acre                                                            1187 lbs per acre 


Net Production and Profit Comparison 

 Lint: Genesis with SumaGrow gain  

1318 lbs – 1032 lbs = 286 lbs per acre x .84 per lb.(1/02/14)                        =$240.24

 Seed: Genesis with SumaGrow gain  

1515 lbs – 1187 lbs =328 lbs per acre x 10.5 cents                                      =    34.44 

 Nitrogen: Reduction with Genesis with SumaGrow                             =    60.00 

 Total Dollar GAINS from Genesis with SumaGrow per acre               $334.68           



Author: SumaGrow.Info


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