South Africa Organic Citrus Grower Improves Tree Survival Rate

A South African organic citrus farmer improved his tree survival rate to almost 100% (up from 50%) after applying ExploGrow (SumaGrow), three years after replanting new organic citrus trees into “very old citrus soil”.

Due to organic growing restrictions on the use of chemical poisons/fertilizers, this farmer’s previous optimal survival rate was around 50%.  The citrus trees from the block treated with ExploGrow™ (SumaGrow) are also carrying many more lemons versus the control.

Organic-Citrus-Trees-South Africa Lemon

Photos above: 3 years after replanting Citrus trees, taken 10 days apart with slightly different lighting. Along with the improved survival rate, there is also a remarkable difference visible with naked eye. The farmer (based in the Sunday’s River Valley) invited us to bring any serious Citrus farmer to “come and see for themselves”.

South Africa Lemon tree comparison

The [ExploGrow (SumaGrow) treated] trees are growing aggressively, much faster than the control.” 🙂

Full Organic Citrus Farmer​

Below are pictures of seven month old orange tree seedlings treated with ExploGrow™  (SumaGrow).  The photos were taken nine weeks after the first application of ExploGrow™ (SumaGrow).

South Africa 7 week old orange seedlings

Stem diameter +22%ExploGrow™ (SumaGrow) treated 4.5mm, Untreated 3.7mm (9 weeks after the 1st application)

Increased root mass: over 100%  ExploGrow™ (SumaGrow) treated > 2,000mg; Untreated < 0,999mg

Improved growth rate: 19% Matured for replanting: ExploGrow™ (SumaGrow) treated: 19/100; Untreated: 16/100

Author: SumaGrow.Info


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