South Africa Onion Trial Achieves a Return on Investment of 3959%

Return on investment: for every R1.00 invested in ExploGrow™ (SumaGrow), the farmer received a return of R39,59 (3,959%)

  • Hectares planted: 6
  • ExploGrow™ (SumaGrow) applied: 48 liters
  • Normal yield: 55 tons per hectare (5 year average)
  • ExploGrow™ (SumaGrow) yield: 104.2 tons per hectare
  • Additional tons per hectare: 49.8
  • Additional income per ton: R3,000.00
  • Additional tons harvested: 298.8 tons
  • Additional income over 6 hectares: R896,400.00
  • Return on investment: 3,959%

The estimated investment gain (return) is based on the farmer harvesting an extra 298.8 tons of onions by the use of ExploGrow™ (SumaGrow).  This translates in to an estimated financial gain of R 896,400.00 (US$ 68,953.84) = the sales value of the extra 298.8 tons of onions.

Interview with the farmer explaining his record onion harvest:

(The text below has been transcribed from the above video interview (in Afrikaans) with the farmer.)

“We used ExploGrow™ on our December* planting of onions.

*[extreme hot weather]

We applied 8 liters [2,11 US gal] per hectare [2,47 acres] of ExploGrow™ (SumaGrow).

We normally harvest an average of 55 tons per hectare on our December planting. Having just finished harvesting, the land [on the first preliminary calculation] yielded 95.6 tons** per hectare.

** [The final tonnage, however, added up to 104.2 tons per hectare. This was an +89.45% increase = +49.2 tons per hectare. This final tonnage was actually 8.6 tons more per hectare than the preliminary calculation mentioned in the video interview.]

The only change made to our normal onion program was that we added ExploGrow™ (SumaGrow), together with the recommended food products*** for ExploGrow™ (SumaGrow) microbes.

We applied the 8 liters / ha of ExploGrow™ (SumaGrow) twice at 4 liters per application [4 liters x 2], followed by 10 liters / ha of the recommended food products*** for the ExploGrow™ (SumaGrow) microbes.

We are very excited about the road ahead.
We immediately applied ExploGrow™ (SumaGrow) to all our potato crops! [Estimated around 100 hectares]
Now we are also very excited to see what ExploGrow™ (SumaGrow) will achieve with our potatoes.

Thank you very much, Rian.” 🙂

***[The ExploGrow™ (SumaGrow) food products” (co-applied to the soil) consist of low cost organic matter, carbon etc., generally recommended to assist some functions of the microbial species contained in the ExploGrow™ (SumaGrow) poly-microbial blend. These food products are recommended (although, not essential) when a soil analysis shows levels of high nitrate; low carbon and low organic matter.]





Author: SumaGrow.Info


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