Sumagrow Increased Yield for Taylor’s Fresh Organic’s Soybean and Zucchini Crop

The findings from the data show that the application of SumaGrow (referred to as SumaGreen in report) at the rate of 1.66 GPA provided approximately 125lbs of Nitrogen for plant uptake. SumaGrow solubilized the high supply of phosphorus in the soil making it readily available to the plant and increased the uptake in the plant dramatically. SumaGrow also reduced the removal of potassium from the soil by 88lbs and left 26 lbs. of nitrogen available for the wheat crop.

SumaGrow reduced material handling, application costs and lowered high phosphorus in the soil, and also lowered Taylor’s fertilizer program by $231.45 per acre. The conventional program is more costly, more susceptible to nutrient loss, more material to handle and is a less sustainable farming practice.

Actual Results:

Zucchini – The crop had an increase yield of 13.5%. Due to heavy rains, 20% of the crop was drowned out during mid harvest and the remainder of the field was overcome by disease and shortened the life of the crop. Despite that, the quality of the crop was much better. Adding the 20% loss of crop, the increase in yield would have been 39.5% if crop was not lost.

taylor's fresh organic's pic

Soybean – Where SumaGrow was applied in furrow population final stand was increased by 12.5%.

Author: SumaGrow.Info


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