67.7% Increased Root Mass in Onion Crop

When a farmer ran out of Root-knot nematode poison on the SumaGrow treated area, they decided not to apply the poison on the remaining SumaGrow treated areas. Instead the farmer decided to put his trust in the plants’ own abilities and defenses when growing in an environment with the right combination of diverse and beneficial microbial species.67.7% Increased Root Mass in Onion Crop pic 1

Photo of Onion roots

  • A + B: control Onions
  • C + D: ExploGrow™ treated Onions
  • C: ExploGrow™ treated Onions with NO Root-knot nematode poison
  • D: ExploGrow™ treated Onions with Root-knot nematode poison

67.7% Increased Root Mass in Onion Crop pic 2

As expected, the (C) SumaGrow treated onions developed roots almost double in size, with a +67.7% increased root mass.

A further observation is that the C onions (SumaGrow treated with NO Root-knot nematode poison) have bigger root systems than the D onions (SumaGrow treated WITH Root-knot nematode poison), a 42.3% increased root mass versus the SumaGrow treated onions (D) that did receive the nematode poison as well.

67.7% Increased Root Mass in Onion Crop pic 3

Author: SumaGrow.Info


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