Georgia Cotton — Sayer Farms Increases Lint Yield by 27.7%

This trial was conducted on Sayer Farms, in Irwin County, Georgia on two dry land test plots after 2.5 weeks with no rain.  The soil type was the same for both plots which are across a dirt road from each other.

The SumaGrow treated plot showed a 27.7% increase in lint yield and a 27.6% increase in seed production.  Nitrogen fertilizer was also reduced by 58.8%.

Plot A) GENESIS with Sumagrowtest plot                          7.55 acres

Applied ½ gal.SumaGrow per acre along with reflex after planting

Applied ½ gal. SumaGrow per acre 5 weeks later over top spray (1.0 gallon total per acre)

Applied 20 gal. nitrogen per acre at layby and 15 gal.nitrogen per acre after planting (total 35gal)

Applied 2 tons chicken litter and 150 lbs per acre of potash (preplant) per acre.

Total Lint : 9952 lbs.                                                    Total Seed:  11,443 lbs

Divided by 7.55 acres                                                      Divided by 7.55 acres

1318 lbs per acre                                                             1515 lbs per acre

*    *          *    *    *          *    *             *

Plot B) STANDARD (Untreated) test plot                               15.76 acres

Applied 85 lbs total nitrogen per acre

Applied 2 tons chicken litter per acre and 150 lbs potash per acre

Total Lint: 16279 lbs                                                   Total Seed: 18719 lbs

Divided by 15.76 acres                                                  Divided by 15.76  acres

1032 lbs per acre                                                            1187 lbs per acre


Net Production and Profit Comparison

Lint: Genesis with SumaGrow gain

1318 lbs – 1032 lbs = 286 lbs per acre x .84 per lb.(1/02/14)                        =$240.24

Seed: Genesis with SumaGrow gain 

1515 lbs – 1187 lbs =328 lbs per acre x 10.5 cents                                      =    34.44

Nitrogen: Reduction with Genesis with SumaGrow                             =    60.00 

Total Dollar GAINS from Genesis with SumaGrow per acre               $334.68


Sayer Cotton 2013

Trial of Five Potato Varieties in Italy Agriculture Institute, Prever – Osasco



Solum Naturale Sumagrow inside test was conducted on potato plots planted at Cascina Buffetta, situated at 1050 m. above sea level, in the town of Angrogna, 45 km southwest of Turin.  Potatoes were planted on 6 ridges in simple row, each with length of 15 – 20 meters, leaving in each a plot a section (10%) as control on which no Solum Naturale SumaGrow inside, was applied.

All other crop operations were ordinary (no base fertilization was applied, as dealing with fertile soils, recently activated after a long cultivation rest; in absence of Colorado potato beetle no insecticides was required; Two preventive applications with Bordeaux mixture were applied against downy mildew).

Results were observed on 4 different potato cultivars, three white pastes (Agria, Monalisa and Mozart, the latter red-skinned) and one, the Bergerach, with purple flesh and skin (less productive and with smaller tubers).

No culture differences were observed during the vegetative phase, plants appeared healthy and in good condition in the test areas as well as control, with no detectable differences.  The results are reported by yields in kg. per plot linear meter.

PLOT Yield in Kg/linear meter
Test Control Variation
Plot 1 ‘ Agria 5,2 4,4 18%
Plot 2 ‘ Bergerach 2,2 1,8 22%
Plot 3 ‘ Mozart 3,2 3,0 7%
Plot 4 ‘ Mona Lisa 3,7 3,7 0%
Plot 5 ‘ Bergerach 2,4 2,0 20%


In four out of five plots, we observed good effectiveness of Solum Naturale SumaGrow inside, and only in one plot it was irrelevant.  Yield increase, per linear meter, was about 20% in three out of five plots.  The overall yield increase result was 13.4%.

The limiting plot extension does not allow us to state with certainty whether the product would be useful in all culture applications, however, the results are uniquely pointing to the direction of definite production-induced increase by the use of this product.

Angrogna, October 2013

Marco Ramotti (Teacher of di Agriculture Ecology – Agriculture Institute, Prever–Osasco)

Joussef El Kaoukabi (Internship third year student at Agriculture Institute, Prever–Osasco)

Downloadable one page report:  Italy Potato Report

Cotton in Tarboro, North Carolina: Yield Increase and Quality Increase

These results show the yield and quality increase on a 138 acre cotton farm in Tarboro, NC.  The cotton farmer also raises chickens so approximately 13 tons of chicken litter was applied.  A product containing SumaGrow was used on 65 acres with no additional fertilizer while the remaining 73 acres was treated with chicken liter, as well as 40 units of nitrogen and 25 units of sulfur fertilizer per acre.


The treated acreage averaged 1079.49 pounds per acres while the control acreage averaged only 915.58 pounds per acre, an increase of 16.92%.


The Bale Analysis Report (link below) shows the quality of the cotton was substantially better than the control.  Higher grade, higher strength and a lower percentage of trash in the treated acreage cotton led to a price of 92 cents per pound for the farmer versus only 52 cents per pound on the control acreage, an increase of 77%.


Combing the higher yield with the higher quality price received, the farmer increased his revenues by 106% per acre ($989.55 vs. $480.20).  Actual bottom line profits would be an even greater percentage increase as all other expenses stayed the same, with the exception of the fertilizer expense, which was actually lower on the treated acres since no commercial fertilizer was used.

The farmer had previously told our distributor he would use SumaGrow next year on all of his soybeans, however, after seeing the results on his cotton; the farmer has now decided to not plant any soybeans, just cotton!

Here is a one page summary/cut sheet:

Tarboro NC Cotton One Page Cut Sheet

Cotton — Tarboro, NC — Bale Report Calculations

Edwards Cotton Bale Report — Tarboro, NC


Bananas in Ecuador — Hacienda San Fermin

A solid trial resulting in a 14.3% yield increase while reducing the grower standard amount of fertilizer by 50%.  The trial report also notes a huge increase in the soil organic matter which is the true test of soil health.

Ecuador Bananas Chart of Increase in Soil Organic Matter


Ecuador Bananas Hacienda San Fermin

The links below are to the original report in Spanish and to a Google Translate English version:

Ecuador – Bananas — Hacienda San Fermin — Spanish

Ecduador — Bananas — Hacienda San Fermin — Google Translated into English

Arise Research & Discovery: Corn Trial — Illinois

Arise Research is one of the few facilities which can accurately measure nitrate runoff.  Each plot is grown in a containment bay where there is a plastic lining on the bottom and sides.  There is also a piping system in the containment bay to collect the runoff which goes into a holding tank (58 in the photo below).  The water is collected from the holding tank where it can analyzed.

An interesting tidbit was reported in an email that there had been deer damage to the SumaGrown test plots where the deer were observed eating the SumaGrown plots and not the others.  This has been reported anecdotally several times; the animals instinctively know which crops are better (SumaGrown), likely due to the higher brix levels — better taste (higher in natural sugars) and higher nutritional value.

Arise Corn Trial Plot

Here is a link to the summary of the report and below that is the full report from Arise Research:

Arise One Page Summary Cut Sheet

Arise Research Nitrate Runoff Reduction Summary

Arise Research — 2012 Corn Report

Bananas in Ecuador — Valdivieso Farm

Bananas in Ecuador ITF Rodrigo Valdivieso

A controlled study by an independent third party documenting a yield increase of 13+% while reducing chemical fertilizers by 50%.

Original version of the report in Spanish:  Bananas in Ecuador ITF Rodrigo Valdivieso  and a Google Translate version in English Bananas in Ecuado ITF Rodrigo Valdivieso — Google Translate into English

Ecuador Bananas ITF