Arkansas Cotton Farmer Obtains Additional 100 Pounds of Lint per Acre

These amazing results were sent in from Danny Quall’s farm in Jonesboro, Arkansas. Danny grows 1500 acres of cotton in addition to other crops that he treats with a conventional fertilizer program.  Danny chose two 10 acre conventionally fertilized plots of cotton, one of which he treated with a product containing SumaGrow. The 10 acres treated with a product containing SumaGrow:
  • Produced 100 lbs/acre more in lint cotton
  • Produced $10/acre more in cotton seed
  • Matured 10 days earlier
  • Tap root was an average of 6” longer
After the cotton reach maturity, it was exposed to a wind storm that produced winds in excess of 50 mph. The plot treated with SumaGrow stood tall and was undamaged.  The untreated cotton was pushed to the ground, inflicting damage to the stalk and cotton bolls.
No SumaGrow, treated with 10-10-10 fertilizer
Qualls Farm without 2
Qualls Farm without
No SumaGrow Treatment — Notice the height of the cotton is below the waist.
Cotton treated with SumaGrow Cotton is well above the waist:
Qualls Farm With SG
Qualls Farm With SG 2

Author: SumaGrow.Info


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