California Strawberry Trial Conducted by Holden Research Concludes an Increase in Profit of $1185/Acre

This trial was set up to compare the growth and production effects from the use of a standard grower program to one enhanced with World Soil Solutions (SumaGrow) based products.

This trial indicated that the BRIX (SumaGrow) product had no negative effects to the growing crop or the grower’s irrigation system during the trial. The trial consisted of two test plots. The first test plot was Brix (SumaGrow) + 100% grower standard fertilizer. Test #2 consisted of grower standard fertilizer at 100% rate. The BRIX (SumaGrow) treated with 100% of grower standard fertilizer test plot showed a numerical advantage in whole plant weight and root weight. Significant differences were noted and observed in favor of the Brix (SumaGrow) treated plot as compared to the grower standard fertilizer. The Brix (SumaGrow) treated plot exceeded the grower standard plot in production by 203 flats.

The Brix (SumaGrow) treated plot showed a net increase to the growers bottom line of over $1185 per acre! The Brix (SumaGrow) test plot had a better market utilization ratio averaging 78.6% as compared to the grower standard at 75.4%. The Brix treated berries were heavier during the course of the season weighing at 29.6 grams and having a much higher brix level (natural sugars and nutrients, which equals better taste!) than the grower standard berries, while the grower standard weighted at 26.6 grams with a lower brix level. The Brix (SumaGrow) based program yielded positive returns to the grower by early season (February 24th), which continued to get better toward the end of the pick season (April 9th).

This trial could have yielded even more positive results if the proper SumaGrow protocol had been followed such as reducing the grower standard fertilizer to at least 50% instead of 100%.

Here is the actual report:  CA – Strawberries — Holden Research

Author: SumaGrow.Info


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