Organic Sunflower Sprouts

Farmers’ Markets have become very popular in recent years for getting organic farmers to bring their products to local open-air markets. One of our colleagues met an organic sprouts farmer, who was given several gallons of 1% URB Water on November 29th. To the right is a picture he sent with this accompanying email:

organic-sunflower-sprouts-pic-1.png“So far I soaked the treated sea water in the organic compost since last Sunday. I am also doing that for the vegan fertilizer. I will begin experiment this Saturday. I also soaked the broccoli and sunflower seeds overnight in the treated sea water and planted them in compost. Right now, those roots look good, but the sprouts are not ready to harvest yet. One question is if it is a success, how much it is for a bottle of treated sea water?

Growing the Sunflower Sprouts:

  • The seeds are soaked in water for 24 to 48 hours.
  • They are then washed and put into a clean bowl.
  • This is repeated for 1 to 2 days.
  • They are then placed in a growing tray with soil, covered and drop watered through the covering.
  • There are drainage holes in the bottom of the tray.
  • Remove the cover when the sprouts are above the soil, which normally happens in one or two days.
  • Water the tray once or twice a day until the pods drop off the new green leaves.
  • The seeds are ready to harvest in 7 to 10 days.

What is URB Water?

It is difficult to provide a definition since critics try to debunk the science with our words when they are unable to debunk the results. But here are two definitions to try and give you a clear idea.

Definition #1: “Pro-Con science (URB Water) has been designed towards a molecular structure to stabilize and balance electron deficient hydrogen bonded liquids such as water, alcohols, amines, and DNA. It is a high basic, electron rich, noncorrosive, hydrogen soluble, electromagnetic, liquid crystal design.”

Definition #2: “Pro-Con science (URB Water) is a highly reduced water and/or alcohol preventing salt creation in an acid base reaction. The basis of the science is a high base, non-caustic, electrochemical solution that can create controlled, abnormal, chemical directions without producing large amounts of byproducts or newly formed environmental harmful constituents as would lime or sodium hydroxide.”

Why the Plants in Hemet Lived and Did not Die:

Below you will see the before and after electron microscope photos of seawater and URB Water. The photos demonstrate the uniqueness and transformation properties of URB Water.

The photos prove that URB Water changes the structure of seawater. Seawater is cubic in form; URB Water is not cubic and therefore is not a salt crystal. However, URB Water still contains sodium chloride, but it is now in mineral form, as opposed to crystal form. URB Water has changed seawater from a salt crystal to a salt mineral.

  Sea Water                                         URB Water

This is why our URB Water did not kill the plants in Hemet. Plants absorb water minerals by osmosis, turning fresh water into saline solution for the plant’s roots. If we had dumped seawater with its salt crystalline forms, the plants would have tried to make the seawater more saline, eventually killing the plant.

When we dropped the URB Water on the plants, they immediately began to absorb it, converting it into a saline solution for its root system. The fact that they lived and even showed some growth can now be understood; URB Water does not have a salt crystal form.

We hope that we have not over-simplified this explanation too much. Bottom line, we have demonstrated visually what we have been saying for a long time: URB Water changes the structure of what it is treating.

Author: SumaGrow.Info


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